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The  principal focus of the practice of the Law Office of Kenneth B. Tecler,  LLC is multifamily housing financing for local housing authorities and  non-profit entities in Montgomery County.  The firm has worked  extensively with and for the Housing Opportunities Commission in  numerous acquisitions and financings of subsidized and mixed income  properties and consulted with other housing authorities in similar  transactions.

The firm  has often played a role in developing techniques to achieve successful results for clients  in acquiring and financing affordable housing.  These financings have involved various types of credit enhancements, including enhancements provided by FHA, Ginnie Mae, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, the Federal Home Loan Banks, municipal bond insurance, bank letters of credit, insurance company guaranties and credit enhancement vehicles provided by other institutions. Some  of these financings have utilized  loans provided by a variety  of commercial and governmental lenders. Affordable housing transactions  typically involve a combination of financing structures including private equity, multiple layers of state and federal financings, and/or  or conventional  debt. Working with a variety of financing techniques, the firm has been  involved in transactions with federal and state affordable housing tax  credits, including those using tax-exempt bond financing, HUD financing, FHA financing,  low-income housing tax credits, tax exempt financing, local, state, and federal  financing and assistance  from private foundations grants.

The firm also represents clients in the acquisition and financing of commercial and retail use properties with private financing or loans from commercial lenders. The firm has substantial experience in the  application of local and state law to condominium development and  conversions to condominium, in the use of tax deferred exchanges and the  application of transfer and recordation taxes to transfers between  related entities.  In addition, the firm assists in  the negotiation of commercial leases and property management agreements as well as representation of owners in matters regarding residential and commercial landlord-tenant issues. 

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